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Marquees, sport halls
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Temporary Buildings

Steel frame buildings

Solid, quick and inexpensive structures

Surfaces covered in a short time without major works

In the industrial field it might arise the need of immediate additional covered space fast, reliable and flexible: temporary buildings for new production processes, storage and services for temporary or permanent use.

Aware of this market need, Vall, leader in removable structures and facilities, offers its range of temporary buildings that provide innovative, fast, flexible and competitive pricing solutions.

Vall offers you a whole range of solid, easy-to-install, relocatable industrial buildings that do not require foundations or buildable rate.

Temporary buildings are a cost-effective solution regarding both construction and maintenance. No property tax is required on removable industrial buildings. The insulating materials used facilitate comfort conditions. These portable buildings are electricity-saving solutions when combined with translucent thermal roofing, which let natural light in to the building during the day.

Building sizes range in width from 5 to 50 meters, unlimited length and are available in heights of 5 to 7 meters. Quick and straightforward installation thanks to the ‘kit’ installation system that makes them ready for use within 15 days.

Vall Steel frame buildings are extremely solid solutions designed to be used as permanent buildings. However, they are legally considered as relocatable property and are thus exempt from all the paperwork involved in conventional construction works.

Vall offers different types of siding with or without thermal insulation. Roof covers can be translucent to bring natural light into the building or opaque.

Our Temporary Buildings are available for sale, rent and lease. For more information, please contact us.


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