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Portable industrial premises and warehouses. The OSP System

In Grupvall we’ve been working for more than 25 years in the development of marquees, portable warehouses andsports halls. We firmly believe that innovation and use of cutting edge technologies are the key to success, our technical department works every day searching for new techniques and stronger building materials that allow us to continue producing top quality portable industrial buildings.

An example of this is the OSP system (Optimized Steel Profile) which allows construction of high quality portable warehouses and stores with high strength steel, optimized, laminated and finished with an anticorrosion galvanic treatment.

osp  temporary buildings

This system has been fully developed by the R & D department at Grupvall and it’s patented, making us the only company in the world able to offer this type of portable buildings.

The advantages of the OSP system over aluminum structures

The most important is the improvement in resistance of the buildings and portable warehouses, basically because the steel used in the OSP is stronger than aluminum. This has many implications, allowing the construction of wider frames and improving the resistance of snow and / or wind loads.
Another advantage of the OSP system for portable warehouses is the reduction of production times. Internal manufacturing processes of portable warehouses of this type are completely machined including the drilling of the anchor holes. This, for the client, is not an advantage in the assembly of the portable warehouse because the end result is the same, however, it’s an economic advantage because reducing manufacturing time significantly reduces project costs.

The advantages over conventional steel structures

The OSP system allows to integrate in the structure simple cover or a thermo roof without adding additional elements. This reduces and simplifies the manufacturing process and hence production costs. Besides, the absence of added pieces by welding or bolting, increases the security conditions of the portable storage premises by reducing the number of vulnerabilities and the risk of error.


The OSP system represents a significant advance in the market of portable building. If you are considering renting or buying a portable storage warehouse that performs as a fixed one this is the ideal solution. You can contact our sales department for more information on this or other Vall products. We are at your disposal.