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Portable buildings, marquees and pavilions, the best example of sustainable architecture

Portable buildings are a great contribution to the construction sector, it is increasingly common to see pavilions,marquees and constructions of this type in large social events, sporting and cultural or long-term solutions for major architectural projects. An example of this is the passenger terminal at Mongomeyen Airport, built jointly with Technocladd in Equatorial Guinea last year.

Marquees Mongomeyen Airport

The strengths of this type of modular buildings are many, mainly involve a significant reduction in costs with an unbeatable value – price ratio, determined by the speed of assembly and cost of materials needed for manufacturing. Besides this type of space solutions offer a number of features that contribute to the development of a sustainable architectural model, environmental friendly, especially because they facilitate the reuse of the facilities once they have fulfilled their function. Marquees and halls can be mounted, used as needed and then disassembled for reuse. This implies a great advantage over traditional buildings by low impact on the ground and because they can be recycled and used without any problems in other projects avoiding maintenance costs once they have served their primary function.

Vall markets a wide range of space solutions comprising portable warehouses, marquees and pavilions specially designed for industry, the sports, logistics, trade and the event organization. All our products have been developed based on a model of sustainable construction. Make a no obligation consultation and ask about our solutions, or visit our website for all the details and features of our structures.